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Bermuda just got a little closer

I asked and, while there isn’t any of my favorite mixer in NH, there are several places that carry it in Mass. – granted they’re at least an hours drive from here – but since most of those liquor/package stores … Continue reading

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(drunken) glutton for punishment

As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been on an on-and-off quest to remake my precious Dark N Stormy. Today came version number… pick one, I’ve lost count. This afternoon I found myself trolling the aisles of WholeFoods, which always makes … Continue reading

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premium schmemium

I’ve been sampling the premium kits from Mr. Beer that I’ve made (and blogged on) several weeks back. I have a habit of blogging whilst things are “cooking” and still fresh in my mind (and exciting, no?), and from time … Continue reading

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a cab isn’t a cab is not a cab

Cabernet Sauvignon that is. I don’t like it. Or so I have thought these past several years. Not the grapes, but rather because of the oak barrels it is aged in. For the same reason I don’t really care for … Continue reading

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sugar sugar,..

you are my poison girl, you’ve got me hooked on you. One more time with feeling!… Yeah, I’m at it again… not so much trying to lose weight, but rather to get in better shape. It’s been a long time … Continue reading

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