sugar sugar,..

you are my poison girl, you’ve got me hooked on you.

One more time with feeling!…

Yeah, I’m at it again… not so much trying to lose weight, but rather to get in better shape. It’s been a long time since my running days, and the knees are forevermore just not up to reliving my glory days on the track – and I couldn’t stomach the less than gourmand fare I was able to burn when I could run 6 minute miles forever. How exactly did I make Varsity on grape soda and ring dings? Oh yes, sixteen.

So now, I turn to trying to remain somewhat active in my daily routine, and eating well. Alas, it’s been a long time since my stricter vegetarian days, my vegan days, and my stint at macrobiotic days. I’ve forgotten most of my recipies from that time, and mindset. A couple of favorites do remain from those days… but it’s been a long time since I’ve bought or consumed umeboshi plums, sea vegetables (outside of a sushi joint), diakon, lotus root, and various coffee “substitutes”.

I still consider myself vegetarian, or at least “vegetarian minded”. Red meat is still off the table, though my body will now tolerate small amounts of cheese again. The real problems at my table aren’t really so much “what’s for dinner” so much as what’s there to snack on, what’s for dessert, second dessert, late night snacking, and so on…

Just because one is eating organically, vegetarian or otherwise, doesn’t mean one is eating healthily. There can still be too much sugar, and overprocessed foods in our daily diet. Fortunately I’ve learned what sorts of foods I really like, and as long as I’m eating seasonally, locally, and as diversely as possible, we’ll be fine.

Unfortunately the siren’s song of, well, mostly carbs in thier most delightful forms, can be too hard a temptation to resist.
But I’m going to give it another go… and the first step is to wean myself off sugar (and all those empty calories).

I’m currently on day four without coffee. I wasn’t drinking it as much as I used to. In and after college I lived on it. Lately, it’s been simply the a.m. (OK and evening) beverage of choice, in the form of a mocha. Hot or iced. I had making them down to a science. But between the sugar, chocolate syrup and artificial creamer, that’s just too much sugar – I’m making the transition to stevia…. but coffee still needs a little sugary sweetness. I can take my coffee black (with sugar) but not straight up. If I can’t make it right, best not to try to make less than desirable substitutions. And believe me, between fake coffee powders, roasted teas, rice and soymilks, goat milk, splenda and other articicial sweetenters, it just isn’t worth it. Stevia works in tea just fine, however, I’m still searching to find a tea I can get behind.

A few years ago I fell in love with Yerba Mate – the orange blossom variety to be specific. This was fanstastic, hot or cold. Full of nutrients and so on like green tea, but that hint of orange flavor, without the tannic quality of unsweetened black tea, or the dryness of green tea. Alas, my source dried up, and I had to order online – massive quantities (and other flavors too!), however I think there was something in there that I became allergic to, and lo, I was back to coffee…

I’ve been tying other tea’s, herbal or otherwise, trying to find something else with a hint of orange that will fit the bill. Something that’ll help keep my daily sugar intake within or below weight watchers acceptable level. A couple contenders, but no true winners just yet.

Are carbs off the table too? Banished? No way! Whole grains form the basis of several of the food pyramids, and diet philosophies. They’ll remain, if not homemade, then as whole, as close to nature as possible. I’ve got an oatmeal bread recipe I’m working on that I like much more than any storebought loaf, and my Christmas cookies are made with organic wholegrain flours. (So I can feel a little less guilty about eating too many of them). Hopefully by that time, I’ll be fit and trim, and a couple cookies will make me no worse for the wear.

Until then, lots of vegetables, keep moving, no sugar, and fingers crossed that this headache will go away! At least it’s not January, and I can skip the implied guilt of trying to keep a resolution.


About Scott

I am a son, brother, husband and father, and I am (or have been and enjoyed being) A student of science, art, and humanities in the states and abroad. A graphic designer, art deparment manager, and an art director. A woodworker, home renovator & preservationist. Vegetarian, organic gardener, cook. Photographer, cartoonist. Runner, judoka and fencer. An actor, writer, director and producer for a student run (but not school affiliated or sponsored) local access variety show. A uomo universale in training! In my spare time I like to read, watch movies and look for other creative pursuits and new inspirations!
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