(drunken) glutton for punishment

As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been on an on-and-off quest to remake my precious Dark N Stormy. Today came version number… pick one, I’ve lost count.

This afternoon I found myself trolling the aisles of WholeFoods, which always makes for a glorious day – especially since It’s been about a year since I’ve set foot in one. (Note to Whole Foods: You just opened up a new store across the pond in London… can we get one in New Hampshire? Please!!!)

I grabbed, among other things, some fantastic sushi for dinner (car food supreme!) and my choice of water to wash it down, I spied a “new” ginger beer. I say new, its from a company that’s been making it for over 100 years in the UK. I only bought one bottle – trying to invoke Murphy’s Law to hedge my bets that it would be a good one…

(but as I’ve learned you can’t invoke Muphy’s Law – you can’t wash your car to Make it rain)…

And so, once again, the Dark N Stormy comes up short. Drinkable, but just not right. Probably akin to using fat-free milk in a Sombrero. I’d previously found (and tested) another ginger beer with the mysterious quillaia, close but not quite. Now i’ve learned that the ginger mash needs to ferment in Bermuda stone vats before bottling… Today’s gingerbeer from Fentimans was indeed fermented – in stone bottles no less – But alas, not in Bermuda stone.

I drank this one, despite the frustration – others have been poured down the drain, so this one was above par at least. I did some more google searches for the beloved Barritt’s to see if there were any more clues to either it’s availability – or it’s secrets.

I’ve also stumbled across other sites where equally frustrated Bermudian ex-pats, and tourists alike are unhappy with the state of other ginger ales and beers. Misery and company. Depending on which sites you read (and choose to believe), Barritt’s products are simply unavailable in the US or the UK… or they are available in select liquor stores (despite being a non-alcoholic product) across the US, and it’s territories. (I’m thinking positive here… and even made an inquiry to the companys help line as to the nearest vendor – fingers crossed it’s not in Montana).

So now I’ll be checking out the local liquor stores, whilst waiting for a response from the company (or an order form) before I lose hope.

No, I won’t lose hope… Worst case (or perhaps best case?) I’ll be taking a flight (or cruise) back to the island, and I’ll be bringing an empty suitcase (or two) with me. Customs restrict the number of bottles of alcohol one brings back into the county (Black Seal, while touted as hard to find, is available locally) however there’s no restriction on bringing in cases of soda!


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I am a son, brother, husband and father, and I am (or have been and enjoyed being) A student of science, art, and humanities in the states and abroad. A graphic designer, art deparment manager, and an art director. A woodworker, home renovator & preservationist. Vegetarian, organic gardener, cook. Photographer, cartoonist. Runner, judoka and fencer. An actor, writer, director and producer for a student run (but not school affiliated or sponsored) local access variety show. A uomo universale in training! In my spare time I like to read, watch movies and look for other creative pursuits and new inspirations!
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