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we’re unfit… for human consumption

I heard a quick snippet on the radio (NPR)… Good news for anyone living next door to cannibals,… a study was done, and apparently we (humans – specifically Americans – I gather) are unfit for human consuption (according to the … Continue reading

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Go roast, no make that steam, for eternity

Another food scandal in China – someone’s being a very naughy baozi Shopping and eating locally – it’s a good thing, but scrounging for foodstuffs – and by foodstuffs, I mean dirty cardboard boxes – off the street is… (words … Continue reading

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29 going on 40

Our count up to 100 (into the Wine Century club) just took a bit bump this past weekend. Thanks to a Spanish themed wine tasting and dinner party. I’m so happy I’ve taken on the challenge. We’ve discovered so many … Continue reading

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