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when life gives you peaches…

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When a customer shows his appreciation for a job well done, with a gallon sized bucket full of fresh picked, very local peaches (That’s right – a gallon. 5 pounds!) you break … Continue reading

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making the blog work for me?

Was thinking (as I often do) that keeping up multiple blogs is really cutting in on life, and the bits of it I’m chronicling. What to do, give it up? No, that would be too easy. Better I take this … Continue reading

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two brews with one (bermuda) stone

Seek not, and ye shall find, An (local) end to my quest?! A fifth of Black Seal and two cans of Barritt’s! A Dark N Stormy Kit! The proportions are rather odd – enough rum to make twenty-five drinks, but … Continue reading

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whats in the wert?

I’m looking to see what to start brewing for the fall (since I’ve missed my window for some light ones for the (scorching) dog days…. I guess my recipe book has become quite passe – or some people out there … Continue reading

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magic pancakes

I like breakfast. Especially for Dinner. The other night pancakes were requested and I was all too happy to oblige. Thinking we were out of mix on our recent (and way to infrequent) trip to Whole Foods, I picked up … Continue reading

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