when life gives you peaches…

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

When a customer shows his appreciation for a job well done, with a gallon sized bucket full of fresh picked, very local peaches (That’s right – a gallon. 5 pounds!) you break out the canning equipment (it was a cool day afterall) because there’s no way one could, would or will* eat all that fresh ripe, wonderful smelling summer bounty before it spoils, and you make a pint and a half of jam… (or perhaps technically preserves)

A pint and a half?

Did I do something wrong? Nope, just overestimated what I had. but WOW does it smell and taste great. *This is coming from someone who ate very little fruit, save apples and bananas growing up.

One recipe I found called for a little more than 1 pound of sugar per pound of peaches.

Skinned, pitted and a few spoiled ones tossed I ended up with a little more than 2 pounds. I guestimated about 1 pound of sugar (out of the 2 pound bag of organic evaporated cane juice) and a splash of apple juice in lieu of pectin. The box of Certo demands we keep a proper sugar to fruit to pectin ratio. The myriad of recipes online don’t much seem to care. I’m sure our grandmothers just used what they had, and so did I.

If I were to try this again, I’d cut back on the sugar even more, as this came out fairly sweet. I’ve made some great banana jam without added sugar, so I think it’ll work. Maybe I’m finally ready to eat the no sugar added applesauce, etc… I buy for my little one…. Nevertheless, this’ll go great mixed into a breakfast quick bread, or poured over chicken and baked or grilled.

I understand the temperatures are going to be in the 70’s for most of the week. The canning equip shall stay out, and I’ll be hitting the farmers market with a much LARGER bag in the coming days.


About Scott

I am a son, brother, husband and father, and I am (or have been and enjoyed being) A student of science, art, and humanities in the states and abroad. A graphic designer, art deparment manager, and an art director. A woodworker, home renovator & preservationist. Vegetarian, organic gardener, cook. Photographer, cartoonist. Runner, judoka and fencer. An actor, writer, director and producer for a student run (but not school affiliated or sponsored) local access variety show. A uomo universale in training! In my spare time I like to read, watch movies and look for other creative pursuits and new inspirations!
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One Response to when life gives you peaches…

  1. connie says:

    yeah, i’m loving this weather! i really want to do some jam making now too!

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