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magic pancakes

I like breakfast. Especially for Dinner. The other night pancakes were requested and I was all too happy to oblige. Thinking we were out of mix on our recent (and way to infrequent) trip to Whole Foods, I picked up … Continue reading

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an artful science…

but it’s still a science. I seem to have this habit of blogging some food creations as I’m making them (what else does one do while bread is rising, proofing and then eventually baking?). I think I got a little … Continue reading

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the B’s and C’s of Baking…

While baking is most assuredly a science, (close attention must be paid to weights and measures, humidity and so on), it is becoming clearer to me that it is an artful science, and therefore less intimidating 😉 Scores (if not … Continue reading

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Light and soft multigrain bread?

Soft whole-grain, multi-grain? From scratch? Yes, it is indeed possible! No more will I have to buy the pricey, dense (but flavorful) wholesome loaves that the rest of the family isn’t entirely thrilled with – nor will they have to … Continue reading

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Year end food wrap-up

(or why we need to make resolutions) The weeks leading up to Christmas and New Years found me in the kitchen even more than planned. I wrote up a list of what I was planning to cook/bake, and when, if … Continue reading

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a few homemade kitchen tools

More cross-blog posting fun, where woodworking and the kitchen combine… The two spurtles, I made last fall in a woodturning class. The top one is oak the bottom is cherry. Both are finished with walnut oil, and so far remain … Continue reading

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bagged and tagged

10 Cups of fresh (and now frozen) Christmas ham stock. now… what to do with it? (apart from forget about it, and throw it away next fall) Seriously. I’m not finding much inspiration out there – little beyond split pea … Continue reading

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